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Ravi Teja Eagle movie, was released on February 9, 2024. In the movie, Ravi Teja plays Sahadev Varma, a retired assassin living a quiet life as a cotton farmer. However, his past catches up to him when he becomes a target for armed forces, terrorists, and various extremist groups. The film explores themes of redemption and taking a stand against violence. Let know more about this action thriller film titled “Eagle.”

Ravi Teja Eagle Movie


Story of Ravi Teja Eagle Movie

The midday sun beat down on the cotton fields, turning the air thick with humidity. Sahadev Varma, weathered yet strong, knelt amidst the white fluff, meticulously checking the progress of his crop. A stark contrast to the life he once led, shrouded in shadows and the metallic tang of blood.

Sahadev, or Eagle as he was known in his former life, was a ghost. An assassin without equal, his legend whispered amongst government agencies and criminal underworlds. He’d vanished years ago, a ghost fading into the anonymity of a cotton farmer.

But the past, like a stubborn weed, refused to be uprooted. A news report, a flicker of a familiar face, shattered his tranquility. A target had been placed on his back – not for who he was now, but for the sins of his past. Mercenaries, ruthless and relentless, descended on his peaceful village.

The farmer donned the eagle’s cloak once more. His movements, honed by years of killing, were a deadly ballet. Bullets rained, but Eagle weaved through the hail, his own shots precise and unforgiving. The village echoed with the metallic symphony of violence.

News of the attack spread like wildfire. A journalist, Maya, relentless and curious, arrived, digging into the life of the enigmatic farmer. The deeper she delved, the closer she came to unearthing the truth – the truth of Eagle.

Sahadev, initially wary, found himself trusting Maya. He revealed his past, the darkness that gnawed at him. Fueled by a desire for redemption, he vowed to protect the village, to expose the ones who pulled the strings, the unseen hand manipulating his life.

Together, Eagle and Maya became a formidable force. He, the silent warrior, and she, armed with her sharp wit and unwavering determination. They unearthed a web of international intrigue, a conspiracy involving high-powered figures.

The final showdown was a desperate struggle. Outnumbered, outgunned, Eagle fought with the fury of a cornered beast. Just as all hope seemed lost, Maya, piecing together the puzzle, exposed the conspiracy. The tides turned, allies emerged from the shadows, those seeking justice for their own reasons.

In the aftermath, battered but unbroken, Eagle walked away. Not the ruthless assassin, but a man seeking redemption. His past cast a long shadow, but he had taken a stand, protecting not just himself, but a new future, a life bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, leaving the eagle’s legacy to fade into myth.


Ravi Teja Eagle Movie Director, Music Director, Cast, Budget

Here’s the information on “Eagle”:

  • Director: Karthik Ghattamaneni
  • Music Director: Davzand
  • Cast:
    ♥Ravi Teja as Sahadev Varma/Eagle
    ♥Anupama Parameswaran
    ♥Kavya Thapar
    ♥Other supporting actors include Navdeep, Srinivas Avasarala, Madhoo, Vinay Rai
  • Budget: ₹35 Crore


Ravi Teja Eagle Movie Review

Ravi Teja Eagle Movies


Reviews for “Eagle” are mixed. Here’s a breakdown of some common points:


  • Ravi Teja’s Performance: Many critics praised Ravi Teja’s portrayal of Sahadev. They noted a more subdued performance compared to his usual roles, but one that showcased his screen presence and action skills.
  • Action Sequences: The film’s action choreography received positive remarks, with some commending the creativity and camerawork.
  • Second Half Pacing: While some found the first half slow, reviewers generally agreed the second half picked up with a more engaging narrative.


  • First Half Pacing: A common criticism was the slow pacing in the first half, particularly focused on building up the protagonist’s mystery through dialogue rather than visuals.
  • Storytelling Complexity: Some reviewers found the narrative overly complicated and lacking a clear villain, which is unusual for a commercial film.
  • Absence of Typical Ravi Teja Elements: Fans who enjoy Ravi Teja’s usual comedic timing and lighter tone might find “Eagle” to be a departure.

Overall, “Eagle” seems to be a film that hinges on your expectations. If you’re looking for a fast-paced action film with Ravi Teja’s comedic touch, this might not be it. However, if you’re interested in seeing a more serious performance from him and enjoy well-done action sequences, you might find it worth a watch.


Ravi Teja Movies

Ravi Teja is a prolific actor in Telugu cinema, having starred in over 60 films throughout his career. Here are some of his most notable films across various genres:


Eagle (2024): Ravi Teja plays a retired assassin forced back into action.

Vikramarkudu (2006): A cop goes undercover in a gang to nab a notorious criminal.

Kick (2009): A man with amnesia seeks revenge against those who wronged him.

Bengal Tiger (2015): A vigilante fights against corruption in a powerful city.
Bengal Tiger


Idiot (2002): A man with a learning disability falls in love with a teacher.

Venky (2004): A gambler tries to win back his girlfriend’s father’s trust.

Balupu (2013): A playboy falls for a fiery lawyer.

Dhamaka (2022): Remake of the Tamil film “Vikram” featuring a cop with multiple personalities.


Khadgam (2002): A man seeks revenge for his father’s death.

Neninthe (2008): A man with a mysterious past protects a woman from harm.

Krack (2021): A police officer clashes with a powerful faction leader.





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